The Environment

The environment is at increasing risk. There are multiple bills and actions that threaten the EPA, air quality, clear water, and climate change more broadly. Here are some current actions you can take. (Actions are culled from various sources including, Valley Action Environment Working Group,  Jennifer Hofmann, Indivisible Guide, and Five Calls)

Action: Choose one challenge to increase awareness of personal oil use.
Challenge 1: Go one additional day without driving.
Challenge 2: Go one day without using anything plastic.
Challenge 3: Go one week without ordering anything online that is shipped.


Support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR 7173)

Introduced by Rep Ted Deutch (D-Fl 22) on 11/27/18, co-sponsored by 3 Democrats and 3 Republican representatives. This bill aims to curb the release of carbon dioxide emissions/greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. HR 7173 would amend the Internal Revenue Coe to impose a fee on greenhouse. These fees would be deposited into a Carbon Dividend Trust Fund and then paid out as dividends to American taxpayers.

Call: Representative James McGovern 202-225-6101, 413-341-8700
Script: Hi, My name is [Name] and I am from [town, Zip code]. In the next Congressional Session, I urge you to give serious consideration and support for the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR 7173) because: a) Passing it would help put us back on the path towards curbing climate change; b) It could force members of the Republican-led Senate to take a public position on this issue which is already negatively impacting people’s lives everywhere—even if our president doesn’t understand this.