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Caucus Dates - List of Local Caucuses - Call for Action

After the election in 2016, Maura launched a series of town halls so people could come together and work together to turn their worry into activism.  

Today, close to 20 town halls across the state later, we’re all still feeling the same sense of urgency and passion around getting involved.  If you are a registered Democrat, I hope you will join me in participating in your local caucus this spring to elect delegates to the Democratic Convention on June 1 and 2 In Worcester.

A list of local caucuses can be found here -- LIST OF LOCAL CAUCUSES. Every city and town will hold a caucus in February or March.  

At this year’s convention, delegates will nominate a candidate for Senator, Governor, Attorney General and other contested offices. Most importantly, it will be a time for us to gather and get charged up for the November elections.  

If you’ve never been involved before and need more information, click here and I’ll have a member of our campaign team get in touch with you.  

If you’re already planning to attend your caucus and want to be a part of our campaign team, click here to volunteer to be a Healey Caucus Organizer. You would distribute brochures and bumper stickers, as well as collect names for our email list.  

Last year, local Democrats reported unprecedented numbers of new people getting involved. Let’s work together to make sure we continue this wave by bringing new people into the party.  

There’s too much at stake now to sit on the sidelines. Join us.


Deborah Shah

Field Director