The Indivisible Project now has a blog. This blog offers in-depth analysis from Indivisible leadership and allies. See the latest post where Indivisible’s Executive Director Ezra Levin reflects on how the movement got started and accomplishments to date.


Take State Action (

With so much going on at the federal level, it is hard to remember that we also need to keep our eye on the states. In fact, in some cases, focusing on the state level is an excellent idea. This new tool can help to keep us informed of current bills at the state level related to a number of issues including immigration, policing/protest, reproductive justice, voting rights, LGBT equality, and economic justice. Check out OurStates

This is a really interesting website with the goal of "defending the rule of law under Trump." The page wants to "ensure the President 'shall take care that the Laws be faithfully executed.'" Issues include immigration, conflicts of interest, regulation, democracy, civil rights, justice and safety, and other topics. Make this site a part of your daily routine!

The Indivisible Guide

You've heard of the Indivisible Guide. Ezra Levin and his team provide resources to the community with a two-fold plan in mind:

1. Demystify Congressional Advocacy
2. Support local groups putting The Indivisible Guide into action

This guide also contains resources and scripts to help people know what to say when the contact their Members of Congress (MoC). Take a walk through their website. It has some great information.