Our Work

Although a new group, we work hard and have some fun creating change. Here are some photos of past meetings, marches, and town halls

Tweeted by @TaxMarch

Tweeted by @TaxMarch



Past Meetings

We meet once per month. Our meetings are action oriented. People work in small groups to discuss and act on current issues. Actions are shared across groups so that members can learn from each other.

Feature 1

Tax March (Washington DC)

Valley Action made it to the DC Tax March. If you have photos you'd like to send us of your march, please do so to:valleyactiongroup@gmail.com

Bernadette Marches in the Tax March. Asks 45: #WhatAreYouHiding?


The Women's March (Washington, DC)

Connecting with Members of Congress

Massachusetts Federal and State representatives have been working hard to preserve healthcare, work towards greater government accountability, and preserve the basic human rights of all. They have also been active in reaching out to residents.