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Our hope is that each person can find issues that are important to them throughout the pages on this website. This time can get overwhelming.

On this page, we highlight three actions to focus on for the week. If you have time for more, please take a look around to find other issues under the various web pages. 

Updated 1/17/19


At our January Valley Action Meeting we had A LOT of actions….Many of the actions fell under the category of “The Government Shutdown.” There are so many actions, I have linked to them here —all on the Government Shutdown Page.

Tell the Republicans to End the SHUTDOWN!

Calls to Senate sub-Committee re: Shutdown & Housing
The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) reports that, so far, 1,150 contracts with private landlords for Project-Based Rental Assistance (PBRA) subsidies have expired so far amid the ongoing shutdown. If the shutdown drags on that number could rise into the millions. With landlords no longer receiving government assistance to subsidize rent from low-income recipients, the poor, including many elderly and disabled Americans, will be at risk of eviction. HUD has also had to suspend most of its routine enforcement activities, including mandatory health and safety inspections.

Call: Senate sub-Committee on Transportation, HUD
Chairwoman Senator Susan Collins (R-ME): (202) 224-2523
Ranking Member Jack Reed (RI): (202) 224-4642

Script: Hello. My name is ___ from [ZIP] and I’m calling Senator [Collins/Reed] in [her/his] capacity as [Chair/Ranking member] of the Senate sub-Committee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development.

I am very concerned that more than 1,000 private HUD contracts just expired due to the government shutdown, leaving some of our poorest neighbors vulnerable to eviction. I want the Senator to insist the Majority Leader hold a vote on legislation to reopen the government while continuing border security negotiations.

All sides agree that border security is important but the Republican leadership is holding the American people hostage, exposing citizens and the nation to grave harm, before even allowing negotiations to begin on what kind of border security our elected officials think is most prudent. That is no way to govern. Rewarding this kind of negotiating tactic would set a very dangerous precedent.
For more actions to end the government shutdown click here

Support the Release of an Activist in ICE Custody. #FreeEduardo

Immigration rights activist Eduardo Samaniego is being detained in precarious health and appears to have been targeted for his work. Samaniego has organized for immigrant rights locally, as well as on Beacon Hill, in Washington, D.C., and in Georgia, where he helped protest a 2011 law that bars undocumented immigrants from attending the state’s top universities — a policy that prevented Samaniego from attending the University of Georgia in Athens.

Sign the Petition: Petition by Pioneer Valley Workers Center.
ICE Field Director Sean Gallaghar at 404-893-1206
Assistant Director Kristen Sullivan: 404-893-1203.

Hi, My name is [Name] and I am from [town, Zip code]. I'm calling on behalf of Eduardo Samaniego Amaya alien registration number ("A" number) 206-862-839. I am asking that he be released from ICE Custody. He has deep community ties in both Massachusetts and Georgia, limiting his flight risk, and as a faith leader and student leader he poses no dangers to public safety.

Support Background Checks on Gun Sales

A bipartisan group in the House introduced a measure that would require background checks for all gun sales and most gun transfers. Currently, federally licensed gun sellers are required to run background checks on people who buy guns. The new legislation would also require private sellers to do so as well.

Congressman Jim McGovern - (202) 225-6101 or (413) 341-8700
Senator Edward Markey - 202-224-2742
Senator Elizabeth Warren - 202-224-4543

Script (For McGovern): Script: Hi. I’m from [ZIP] and I’m calling to support background checks for all gun buyers as a step toward reducing gun violence in this country. I urge Rep. McGovern to support H.R. 8 to help make this happen.

Script for Senators: Hi. I’m from [ZIP] and I’m calling to support background checks for all gun buyers as a step toward reducing gun violence in this country. I urge Senator [Warren/Markey] to support legislation mirroring the bipartisan House bill, H.R.8, introduced last week.

Please continue to look through our pages for other actions including sending Thank You notes.